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The only way to keep Blender going on MacOS would be to either have a dedicated developer work a year or two on Metal integration followed by keeping him around for maintenance and updates , or Apple embraces open standards like Vulkan. I get the desire here. And why should they?

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Is the cuda backend of cycles not also following a company down a walled garden rabbit hole when there is an open source alternative out there? This whole discussion is about replacing the opengl code all over blender with metal? It seems there is a better solution in all this to me. Given their re-emergence of embracing open source, why does blender write all its entire UI in custom opengl when there is a industry standard and mature alternative out there?

QT devs are not keeping up with Linux very well.

I have never had the same issues with Blender, anecdotal as that is. Not really. CUDA, when first implemented, came with benefits that the open source alternatives did not. There is a reason that open-source projects like Torch, TensorFlow, and other deep learning frameworks still implement CUDA back-ends after all. There is already a UI library in place.

Mac computers that use OpenCL and OpenGL graphics

If Apple do not embrace open standard Vulkan then they should be labeled as company that wants to control everything, people in future will avoid Apple more too. Actually open your eyes, Apple is already creating a cult. I would be curious as to your setup. As I understand it Qt is probably more developed on Linux than any other platform. I am running on a Qt based Linux desktop, I run Substance, Houdini, Resolve and Photoscan of which only the last one has given me qt based issues based on wanting to mix the bundled Qt libs with System Qt libs.

The only real upside in migrating to Qt would be making it easier for python plugin devs to design ui elements more easily. If it takes a bunch of work to rewrite something which makes it more maintainable and capable in the future, that is a good investment. How much the tradeoff is there is certainly up for debate.

Multiple person years of work. Everything in Blender draws with OpenGL.

Every button, every editor uses it. Why not make this use an abstraction layer so QT maintainers are the ones to worry about OS compatibility?

Nvidia is a no-show

Blender 2. Developer Meeting Notes. ComradeSunbeam Dzmitry December 13, , pm 4. Picking a new graphics AMD or Nvidia card can be overwhelming. When is a GPU a good idea? Test 'Mule' was a Mac Pro tower 3. Anaconda Cloud. GPU-Z is a lightweight system utility designed to provide vital information about your video card and graphics processor. The question is: "How to check if pytorch is using the GPU?

This was a small introduction to PyTorch for former Torch users. Breaking out the MacBook in 3…2… Fixed errors. We'll help you get started with everything you need to know.

Mac Pro Video Card Removal and Install

Official AMD PC drivers are not compatible with Mac versions of the graphics cards by default, leaving Boot Camp users stuck with dated and poorly optimized drivers that are not compatible with the latest games. Depending on your system and compute requirements, your experience with PyTorch on a Mac may vary in terms of processing time.

Modules Autograd module Free benchmarking software. Computers Best graphics cards for gamers and creatives in Luckily for us Mac Pro tower owners, macOS Community Join the PyTorch developer community to contribute, learn, and get your questions answered. Using a compatible graphics processor also called a graphics card, video card, or GPU lets you experience better performance with Lightroom and Lightroom Classic.

You can run Final Cut Pro X on Macs with non-OpenCL graphics, here's how - 9to5Mac

Compare results with other users and see which parts you can upgrade together with the expected performance improvements. PyTorch supports various types of tensors. We'll see on the pro segment. Win, Mac Speeds up the task of adjusting images in Windows 10 now lets you select which GPU a game or other application uses right from the Settings app. It is a library that allows for rapid prototyping as well as fast execution on a wide range of computer hardware, including small embedded x86 CPUs and large workstation discrete GPUs.

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I, Mat, modify the latest drivers in my spare time for my own iMac with the MX graphics card, and make them available for download If AMD wants people to buy their hardware instead of using Nvidia or Google's, they need to provide the software to enable that. This graphic processor was not a familiar name until Apple announced its name in the specifications of the latest MacBook Pro Well, sort of. DaVinci Resolve Thank your the guidelines on how to hack the latest amd gpu but unfortunately nothing changed in my late macbook pro running windows 10 bootcamp.

Thank your the guidelines on how to hack the latest amd gpu but unfortunately nothing changed in my late macbook pro running windows 10 bootcamp. I recently did it with OSX This makes I did some upgrades to what many would consider an outdated and least powerful Mac then paired it with the highest performing AMD graphics card that works in macOS.

Which are relatively recent. Running automate-eGPU.