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You might have used the Disk Utility functionality of Mac to diagnose and resolve problems encountered in your computer.

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Disk Utility is an in-built macOS diagnostic tool to rid of basic issues such as hard disk drive directory structure damage, file system permission problem, and so forth. Therefore, you need to use a third-party tool to augment advanced utilities catering to repair, diagnosis, and disk management.

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The following list of top five Mac disk repair software is an earnest attempt to showcase other enhanced options and use Mac to its fullest. Now you are aware that the inbuilt Disk Utility tool of your Mac computer is not sufficient to meet your advanced troubleshooting needs.

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Functionality beyond Disk Utility is a must to get your Mac up and running. The top five Mac disk repair software presented in this blog can be used to repair your hard disk drive for errors, inaccessibility, or system corruption. This 5 software is either free or can be availed as a trial. So, download the trial version of any repair software to recover your hard disk drive.

Moreover, the software has a price advantage over the other disk repair utilities.

DriveDx - the most advanced drive health diagnostics and monitoring utility

Hard drives are like unicorns. About the only "free" tool that's worth anything is smartmontools , IMHO.

Movi & Movi Pro OBD2 Automotive Diagnostic Software for Mac OS X

This tool can provide extensive SMART monitoring but it's command line which a lot of people don't like. Everything else costs money - I suppose some people have actual costs, like food, water, heat, mortgage, etc. ZVH, over on MacRumors, has written a list of drive testing tools but beware most of these cost money:. That's actually a really good report. Interesting that nearly no one commented on it.

In any case, I think you get what you pay for. Tools like Disk Warrior and Scannerz are known to do very limited things but do an extraordinarily good job of doing it, while other "Swiss Army Knife" tools apparently do a decent job, but not really all that thorough. The author only identifies a few applications as "free.

If you haven't already, you should pop open Disk Utility, select your drive, and click the Info button. Of course if you hear any audible clicking or anything of the sort, then you'll likely want to order a new HDD now then again, I figure you haven't heard any clicking, and are wanting to check the health of the drive to ensure it is okay. Sounds like your best recourse would be to pull the hard drive and test it in a Windows Machine, or dual-boot Windows on your Mac.

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Software that's actually useful, like Seatools, which does far more than Smart Monitoring, and is far better than the sub-standard disk utility built into Mac. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Display up to four simultaneous graphs of live engine data, all while recording and listening to the displayed PID's in real time! Previously recorded data can also be loaded into the graph for review.

Movi Pro offers the ability to record and save selected live engine data PID s in real time. Review the data later in graph form. Can't see the monitor while working on your vehicle?

Movi Pro's industry first Voices allows you to hear an audible description and value of the live data PID s in a voice of your choice. View your vehicle's instantaneous fuel economy. Graphing only available in Movi Pro. Find out why. View your vehicle's diagnostic trouble codes and their descriptions, and clear the codes yourself!