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Most of us will do just fine with the basic renaming feature, but NameChanger gives more advanced options for those who need them.

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This function is especially useful if the files have various naming systems but with a similar pattern. There are other options available. You should play with them a little to see which ones fit your needs.

Have you tried NameChanger or do you use another file renamer? Share your experience in the comments below.

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Image Credit: MR. Skip to content. Is this article useful? Yes No. Leave a comment. I would like it to read something like this Dexter - 5x07 - Circle Us. So does anyone have an idea of how renaming TV shows can be automated. Is there a way to take the file name of a torrent, automatically query websites like TVDB.

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Filebot renames the tv shows correctly, but one has to manually find the file, and plug in the information. I want something that can be automated. Perhaps a fancy Applescript that Hazel can trigger to rename the file? Anyway, if there are any computer nerds out there that can come up with a solution it would be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone wants any help or clarification on the steps to automatically downloading TV shows and sorting them into folders.

I will gladly respond.

Yes I saw that post. Perhaps I can get that to work. However I must say I find his process for steps 1,2 and 3 to be a much more complicated than my way. Hey dhy, first let me say you are right. I didn't fully elaborate on TED. But anyway, onto the renaming issue. I believe all that worked properly. But I am lost after that. Any help would be appreciated. First, we should test that its working. First the naming. Then we can move on to the moving. This will auto populate terminal with the path to the file. Then hit enter. TVnamer should do its thing and present you with a list of possible matches 1 through 6.

Type 1, which would be the english option, and hit return. It will then ask you to confirm the new filename, type y and return.

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Tvnamer should say complete and your file should be renamed. The next step is to create a configuration file which you can edit. It is here you would enter the exact format you want so as you can see, the default is Dexter - [05x05] - Show name. Frankly, its probably easier for me to send you my default config file and then you can simply edit from there. There are a bunch of other standard configs you will want to make that i have already done. If you PM me your email, i can send you my config file.

It is here where you just need to change the path to the path where all your TV show folders exist. Then within those i have folders for the respective seasons. Then save this file. Now we will test the move script. Again this is the easiest way to create the path to the config file.

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Then rename the test Dexter file back to Dexter. If you are using Tvnamer on a show that you do not have a folder for, it will create it for you on your target volume. If you use it on a season of a show that does not exist, it will create that subfolder for you.

When TVnamer completes, you should not see any errors in the terminal window and your file should have disappeared. Check the target volume you specified in the config script and you should see you file properly labeled and filed under the respective TV show.