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Username : your email address including the btinternet. It's not needed when you use SSL encryption and won't work. Port : this may not be automatically populated on selection of SSL, so you'll need to check this. Page content loaded. Aug 20, AM in response to bigbad In response to bigbad. Aug 20, AM. Aug 23, AM in response to think. Hi think. Thanks for info. Because of this action unable to use you advice. Is this a problem with mail or any blocked access by bt?

Aug 23, AM. Aug 23, AM in response to bigbad In response to bigbad. Aug 25, AM in response to think. Hi Think. Aug 25, AM.

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Aug 25, AM in response to bigbad In response to bigbad. Aug 25, PM in response to bigbad In response to bigbad. You may need to do a manual setup. Delete the account, then add it back. Fill in the necessary information, then click continue until all screens are filled in. Aug 25, PM.

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What are the settings for outgoing and incoming BT Email servers? | BT help

Hi Eric Thank you for your input I have an appointment so I cannot proceed with your recommendation but will attempt the solution you have sent and look forward to see the outcome. Will post you the results. Aug 26, AM. Aug 26, AM in response to think. supports IMAP / SMTP

B advanced settings Authentication box--Password I tested email by sending through btaccount a email to myself yesterday. It was still in my out box today and screen shot show reply I received Would like you and communities thoughts.

Mac Mail setup with Imap and SMTP auth

Aug 26, AM in response to bigbad In response to bigbad. For what it's worth I have had problems with Mac Mail for months. My Web host says that Mac mail seems to have a bug which changes the port numbers sporadically.

Access your (BT Mail) Account from an Email Program using IMAP

It seems that the password disappears similarly though not at the same time and has to be re-entered. After much discussion I finally agreed to download Mozilla Thunderbird and my web host talked me through the installation. It is so because quitting the application and reopening it, stops all the background processes that are causing the issue.

If you are using incorrect login info for your Yahoo Mail account then, it will prevent Yahoo from downloading emails. So make sure the following information is correct:. Backing up email messages for safety or offline usage is such a good idea.

#Fix 1: Check if Yahoo Mail Account Works Outside of Mac Mail

Since Yahoo Mail does not have an export feature thus, we recommend a reliable solution technique by SysTools for the same. It is completely a safe utility that is compatible with Mac OS This article discloses some actually working solutions to resolve Yahoo Mail not downloading to Apple Mail issue. Apart from this we also have discussed one third-party solution to archive Yahoo Mail emails on Mac as keeping a backup of emails always proves handy. Download and Run Yahoo Backup Wizard 2. Login with Yahoo account credentials 3. Click on Browse and set location in the connected flash drive 5.

Click on Start option. You need to check the below parameters to know the actual problem 1.

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  4. Check if Yahoo mail is working outside cause of Yahoo mail outage 2. Operating system version installed does not download if OS is outdated 3. System Preferences Issue Remove and add Yahoo account on mac 4. System Protection preventing download Disable all defenders and try downloading Yahoo mail 5. Incorrect Server configuration Check account type and its respective server configuration. Enter the password to your btinternet. Important: select the option to " Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server ".

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    Enter mail. Select in the "Port" dropdown list. Check the "Always use a secure connection SSL " checkbox. Click the "Add Account" button. Now click the "No" option on the next screen and finally, click the "Finish" button.