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Nowadays, programs that were once only standard on a Mac computer are automatically included when you buy an iPhone or iPad, thanks to faster processors and updates to the iOS.

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Taking an already highly effective video editing tool, iOS takes advantage of the touch screen function to allow even easier ways to cut your MP4s and add iTunes music to your tracks, doing so with just a swipe of the finger. What with the creating of video without the use of a computer so easy to do now, oodles of new features are being added to programs for specific social media platform compatibility. One such social media platform that's currently seeing its 15 minutes of fame is Vine. Vine allows you to create 6 second videos within its own app and post them for the world to see, like, and comment on.

Videoshop includes a feature for Vine users to be able to create stop motion recording and upload it directly to Vine. Also included are Instagram-like filters and sound effects including our favorite things: Vine quotes and fart noises. It has "fun" in the title, so it must be just what the doctor ordered!

ImTOO Movie Maker for Mac

Gone are the days of boring splicing for mobile videos. Funimate includes that user-friendly interface for the less experienced editor and so much more. It's got a free downloadable version that allows you to do basic editing with filters, but also boasts facial recognition to detect your friends and family's faces, presumably by hooking your social media accounts to the app. Video Joiner is a little more cut-and-dry for the express purpose of helping you cut those home movies together in another free app and still making things a little less complicated for the user.

Its name describes its purpose to a T: to seamlessly join together multiple videos and formats of video to make one general video to be exported or uploaded to social media or to your iPhone or iPad. As with all of the previous apps, Video Joiner also has the capability to be upgraded to the Pro version for a very small amount of money: 99 cents. Kinemaster is a very popular video editing application for Android devices running Jelly Bean version 4. It began as a free download with a watermark, but thanks to a recent update, you can try this upgraded version of Kinemaster free for 30 days without a watermark.

Kinemaster also allows the user to use handwriting to make handwritten text on top of your video, instant preview at any point in your editing process, as well as plenty of 3D transitions and effects. Unlike a lot of the previous free-to-download MP4 editing apps, VivaVideo contains hundreds of free special effects, including text, filters, stickers, etc. It is currently one of the most widely used video editing apps, though, and because of this, is constantly updated with bug fixes and expandable content.

Perhaps one of the coolest features of this program is the ability to choose which type of selfie lens to use when capturing video directly into the program. What's a little more unique about the WeVideo app is that you can use it interchangeably with your desktop PC, laptop and other Android device.

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  • The addition of a cloud-based retrieval system allows for these interchanges and, at a price that doesn't actually cost you anything to use, we believe this is a pretty incredible way to alleviate the stress of losing footage and partially completed projects. You still are encouraged to purchase a watermark removal feature, but otherwise, you cannot beat the price for such a unique and user-friendly app.

    It also contains a feature that allows for easy, good-quality voiceovers to be recorded directly into WeVideo. VidTrim is another free-version app that gives you the ability to upgrade to its Pro version for more content and the removal of the watermark.

    It is supported in several different languages, allowing for a more global use. VidTrim boasts several different filters, clip trimming and even grabbing frames from your videos to create still shots and thumbnails to use in a bevy of ways outside of the video editor. Another interesting feature is being able to take the audio from your video clip and convert it into a simple mp3, for easier exporting and smaller file sizes.

    AndroVid has one of the simpler user interfaces, allowing for easy, user-friendly cutting, but also gives the editor a lot of more advanced content to choose from and include in their final product. The free version of this lets you merge several clips to make one larger one, but the content is limited to 30 seconds per clip.

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    With AndroVid, you're able to physically touch any part of your timeline and remove, edit or add footage, music or special effects. The pro version allows for unlimited time length on clips and for more options when organizing existing clips. As with the Android application of the same name, WeVideo is a cloud-based editing program that allows the user to pause their progress on one device and open it on another.

    The user can also allow friends and family to collaborate on the video with them, making for an easy transition and so that outside file storage is not needed. The free version allows for quite a bit of content and capabilities, but if you sign up for one of the two monthly subscriptions, your allotted amount of cloud storage space and length of videos to work with will grow. Also available are Business and Educational subscription plans. The aptly named Online Video Cutter does just that: it cuts videos.

    It doesn't do much else, but if you are looking for something fast and easy to use, this is the online tool for you. It is free to use, but has its limitations at only being able to open files that are mb or less.

    One perk to this program is the ability to import video and audio content directly from your Google Drive or any web site URL, making it a somewhat seamless cloud experience like WeVideo. With its function being the most basic one of all--cutting—we are confident that it can handle almost any format of video and audio.

    Perhaps the most obvious, yet unrealized video editor online at the moment can be found directly at YouTube. It doesn't have a whole lot of bells and whistles, but if you need to upload at certain in and out points, insert closed captioning and add audio tracks to your final product, it is all available right in the Creator Studio under, "Create". The beauty of this is, once you're finished, it will upload after the predictable amount of time YouTube takes to upload various video clips and be go live.

    ImTOO Movie Maker

    Talk about your all-in-one web site! It allows for bigger files to be uploaded to the site, at mb maximum and has some automatic features to edit your videos with ease and pizzazz. Basic tools, such as cropping, can be done in two seconds flat and, using a more advanced feature called demux, you can remove subtitles, audio or video from any file.

    At this time, the only version available online is free, which means you're unable to upgrade to increase file storage size, but with the way technology is advancing, especially for the everyday user to be able to edit their own videos, it is only a matter of time before this, too, is upgradeable. FileLab allows you to get a lot more in depth with your editing, as opposed to some of the previous free online cutting tools for MP4 files. Similar to WeVideo, you're able to collaborate and share your efforts with ease. It works with a lot of different file types and allows for more than one video layer to get your desired effect.

    The difference with this web site is the fact that you need to install the web site's own plug-in in order to effectively use the editing processes. However, for such an advanced free tool, that's hardly anything more than a momentary displeasure.

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    The article introduces 10 best movie making software with excellent features. Whether you are a beginner or pro, you can beatify videos easily and professionally. Just learn more about their main features. Then you can choose one of them according to your own needs. Just download and install the program on your computer first. And then you can launch this movie making software for further editing. If you need to edit DVD or video online, you can convert or download video clips first. You can click "Load Disc" to convert video files from DVD, "Add File" to get your video from your computer, or "Download" to extract video clips from online streaming sites.

    Just preview the video before further editing. Just learn more details about how to edit the videos with these features. You can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and hue of the video effect, or the volume of the audio effect. Just preview the effects to enjoy the best result. Whether you need to upscale the resolution, optimize the brightness and contrast, remove video noise or reduce video shaking of videos taken by smartphone, you can get the options from the movie making software.

    You can select an output aspect ratio in the crop window. There are four choices available: Original, Crop area, and Click the audio track option to add or remove external audio tracks in the video. Click "Add Subtitle" button to add the subtitle to your video. And then you can share the video to audiences with different languages. Choose the output format and the destination folder. After that click the "Convert" button to convert video to MP4 for example. The movie making software will turn the videos into the desired one within no time. Filmora Video Editor is one of the most popular movies making software.

    It also has powerful editing functions like merging, cropping, splitting, trimming, cutting and more. You can always make a unique video with these features. And you can import videos to almost any formats. What's more, you can also share videos to social medias. There are various filters and visual effects to touch up videos.

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    Windows Movie Maker is the default and free video editing tool for Windows. Just drag and drop the video into the movie making software to get a desired movie with ease. It enables you to add video effect transitions , add subtitles and credits, timeline narrations and more others. What is more, you can also add new effects, transitions or even modify the video clips with XML code.

    It also enables you to add external subtitles for your video, and another Supports external audio track and multi-audio track.

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    What is more, you can also find multiple visual effects within the video editing software. Avidemux is a free movie making software that enables you to do basic video editing. Just use the program to flip or rotate video clips, add subtitles, adjust color and more. But it is limited to use the audio editing within the movie making software now. When you want some free movie making software online, WeVideo should be the best choice.