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The correct design is to have a field for the code, if it is needed. They should at least inform users as to where to enter the code. I use Google Play instead now.

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I havee updated the software, my internet connection is very good and my computer is very new. I am not uninstalling and reinstalling again because i lose all my playlists every time i do that, not to mention the hours that you force on me to re-create all my playlists, and in addition, each time i do that, all my songs duplicate.

This is the Final Straw for Apple. March 30, I stopped using Apple Music after the trial expired. I found it to be horribly defective. This does not surprise me. They make great devices and one excellent OS macOS. I am about to part ways with Apple over this, and I will not move to Android at all for music. Ya think Apple has problems? Before you do that, just try a soft reset. Your iPhone will do a soft reset, which may clear out some cached data.

That might be the problem. I choosed erase all content and setting in reset section and I did all the things you said I changed my DNS to 8. I use same wifi network and same apple id on my iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s. Please help me! When I try to sign back in nothing happens. How can I fix it? Same thing with mine. Still the same issue not fixed.

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Hey, so I messed up a section of my screen where the numbers of the passcode are needed, my phone restarted and my fingerprint refuses to work. I am currently not in a country where I can get the phone fixed and was wondering if anything could be done.

I tried reseting my phone through iTunes but it refuses to login to my Apple Id. If you set up Find My iPhone, you can use recovery mode to reset your iPhone passcode. Apple also has an Apple ID website , which you can use if you have forgotten your Apple ID or the associated password. If all else fails, take it to an Apple Store or call support. I am in shock! As I set about searching for solutions, I picked up on this article. To find that people have been struggling with this same issue for over FOUR YEARS is a very bad business practice, not supporting their customers, besides missing all the revenue those customers would have provided!

Since any honest business person would want to fix a major component of their business, it seems that they are not being honest or they do not read these requests for help. I tried all methods please help me….

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The problem is always cannot connect to iTunes Store. Please help me. I was having trouble with the iTunes Store app on my iPhone as well when no connected to wi-fi.

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I then remembered about letting it access via cellular so I checked and I did have to turn it on in the Celluar settings in order for it to work. Still no iTunes Store. Keeps saying retry to connect. Closed it then opened it up 10 min. This is crazy. I am experiencing the same problem and APPLE is making me go through all of these troubleshooting steps when they know what the problem is. All of this happened after their IOS update. High way robbery!!! All of your comments are recent.

Did you all update your device to iOS 13? After updating the software to iOS 13, my app store would not load, even with 20mbps internet. What I am trying to imply is that, this is all just a ploy to get us to buy the latest releases of Apple because our devices all of a sudden become sluggish. I am unable to install apps onto my new apple watch via my phone.

My phone is logged in on its settings, but it refuses to connect to the iTunes Store.

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  • Turned off the VPN and I was able to access the store. Thank you! I disconnected my vpn and voila the App Store connected. I had not been able to connect after the iOS 13 update. I rebooted my iPad after the App Store connected and then reconnected my vpn. I hope this helps someone. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience.

    Learn more Close Top Banner. This has been fixed by resetting network settings. Be advised that after your network settings are reset, you will need to re-enter all of your WiFi passwords. Comments I just get a blank white screen when I try to access the iTunes store. Mine does the same.

    Don't mourn for iTunes. Here's how to now listen to music on MacOS

    Does anyone know how to fix this? Just flashes white and back to icons. You make a very valid point. I just tried it, and I can access the iTunes Store. I am on iOS I have an Apple iPad 1 iOS 5.

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    • Any suggestions? This was the problem with my kids iPad when I reset it. Thanks for this note! I use Google Play Music on my Apple devices. Sorry for my bad language. This is awesome! Resetting my network settings was the fix I needed. Thanks so much! I have no problem accessing it on my iPhone.

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      Same Problem. I have looked all night for a solution to this. Thank you! I tried virus checkers. This happened for me on This is how I fixed it:. I had a similar problem although the computer would freeze whenever I tried logging in with my Apple ID after installing a new hard drive, loading El Capitan from a bootable flash drive with the installer file, then upgrading to High Sierra. I tried all of this with no success, and finally called Apple.

      This seems to have worked well — at least it fixed the Apple ID problem! Your email address will not be published. How to News Not working?