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That controller looks like utter trash to me. It is the driving force of your gaming experience. Which is the point dummy. Most of the things they make are better than first party. My 6 year old has no problems kicking my arse at Injustice 2 using just the regular DS4. And wires for my kids to trip over.

Sorry Sony but this it not how fight back against the Xbox One. The DS4 is already a great lightweight and sleek controller. Right product, wrong company. Depending on how the pad and shoulder buttons feel, this might replace the controller I usually use when I go play fighting games at events. HAHA, this is so cool! I love the design. For me, I absolutely love the DS4. Playing games and having the speaker is an awesome feature. I have never been bothered by the light bar and actually enjoy it.

All I ask is if there is a PS5 and I am sure there will be…….. As a female game with smaller hands, this might be a viable option. It would provide a different ergonomic feel and that might help during really long playing sessions. Its nice I think to have it, but the wired thing is a big no for me : Like I read above in other comment, if this one could be wireless should be very nice with a longer battery life! A bit tired of change between controllers every 5 hours because it get out of battery.. If you came here looking for this info, you may want to figure out how to read the blog post before jumping straight to the comments section.

We ask sony for a Dual Shock 4 Pro controller complete with rear paddles and interchangable analog sticks and trigger throw adjustment. Instead we get this thing from Hori with the PS brand slapped on the box. Please Sony, consider consumer asks here.

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Wish we could get an official elite DualShock 4 with metal paddles. Instead of licensing off to third parties. Would love an official first party one. However the wires defeats the purpose of getting it for my kids to use as they will just trip over them and break something.

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Oh Ya bring it out sooner. This is awesome for a younger person with smaller hands. The sticks are too crammed in as a mini controller in that configuration. Where is it supposed to plug into i have my psvr in o one port and my head set in the other port where is this going. No thanks Sony. I sense another fail product. Gamers with smaller hands or disabilities will appreciate this. I like Hori controllers and I like wired game pads without all the unnecessary bells and whistles but this thing is not for me.

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We need a DS4 pro controller like the competition has. Not going to lie, I want it! A cheaper controller for a third or fourth person to play, plus an easier controller for the girlfriend to use. I actually love it.

They do still make wired controllers. I bought the Mortal Kombat X PS4 wired controller on release, and now plan to get at least one of these. Great design, guys! I love Hori. Trine 2 : Complete Story Sortie : 6 juin Attends tu nous fais quoi? Non je lis le script de Trine 2 idiot!!! Just Dance Sortie : 25 octobre Manual Samuel Sortie : 14 octobre Rocket League Sortie : 7 juillet Rocket League quel jeu! Earth Defense Force 4. Fluides et monstrueusement impressionant. C'est la guerre Alors oui. Autrement, ce jeu n'est peut-etre pas pour vous.

Enter the Gungeon Sortie : 5 avril Gauntlet : Slayer Edition Sortie : 10 novembre Le gameplay est assez semblable mais avec des graphisme au gout du jour.

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  • Conclusion : Amoureux du genre - foncez! Marooners Sortie : 15 septembre Screencheat Sortie : 21 octobre Je le faisais pas Une phrase que vous avez surement entendu plusieurs fois sur des FPS en splitscreen.


    Un jeu qui va en faire rager plus d'un! Octodad : Dadliest Catch Sortie : 30 janvier Portal 2 Sortie : 19 avril Worms : Ultimate Mayhem Sortie : 28 septembre ClusterTruck Sortie : 27 septembre En plus tu peux le streamer et laisser les sadiques qui te regardent t'en mettre plein la tronche en votant pour quel truc salace te balancer dedans. Planets Under Attack Sortie : 27 septembre Partie rapide et jouissif.

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    Copy link Quote reply. I assume you'll have to redo this each time after using it on the PS3? What may have helped was that I did at some point reset it. Pretty sleek.

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    It really helped. One note.

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    Click [Save] button. Close xce Application, run game. Select the [Controller ] tab page corresponding to your controller. Open the [Direct Input Device] tab page visible when the controller is connected. Select the [Controller ] tab page corresponding to your additional controller. Open the [Advanced] tab page. Set "Combine Into" drop down list value to: Select [Options] tab page.