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This increased the snappiness of the browser considerably.

I would love to know if this is the case. I have a very old web page documenting speeding up Netscape with a RAM disk — http: This is what I did:. OS X has the facility to store RAM to disk automatically — portables do this to conserve battery and many other Macs can be modified also. I use it several times a day when I put my G4 desktop to sleep details available if you can contact me! I think that doing it during normal shutdown is possible but I cannot remember the details.

There is a simpler way to create a ram disk described here: I tried these commands and fter a couple errors and guessing, I ended up with an unknown volume that I cannot access or delete!

Create a RAM Disk in Mac OS X 10.4 and earlier

I want 20 GB and then just keep 12 or the 32 GB total for apps and stuff. Any experience creating a RAM disk, specifically for helping iTunes run faster? Snow leopard latest.

How to create a Super Fast RAM disk in Mac OS X

The genius lib file is 1. Anyway, running alone, iTunes is sluggish giving the spinning wheel anytime I ask it to do anything that writes to or reads from disk the itunes Library file. So managing the collection, sorting names playlist creations and modification, all the daliy doings of my music maintenance involve this library file being accessed all the time. I think this is at the core of my sluggish iTunes.

Mac OS activiity monitor shows free ram, and a modest 40GB virtual memory use.

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  • Your Startup Disk is Full on Mac OS - How to Fix It.

Even when other apps are involved, there is still free RAM. Would a RAM disk help.

Understanding What “Your Startup Disk is Full” Means

Can I direct iTunes to use RAM disk scratch space, or perhaps create an applet that will pair with Itunes launching, create a RAM disk and create a fresh copy of the iTune library there, and keep it synced with the master library file there on the internal HD. Then tell iTunes to use this new RAM disk copy of the library file. I was able to increase Safari speed without a RAM disk by manually trashing all preferences, history and caches but not bookmarks. Perhaps examining ALL iTunes files will resolve your issue. Probably best to backup before you start.


terminal - Create APFS RAM disk on macOS High Sierra - Stack Overflow

The […]. Can someone help me run a minecraft server off of this created ram? I have Is it possible? I ran Xbench. I then ran Xbench. Internal Disk Test OOPS decimal out of place, the above line should read: Name required.

How to check your Mac's free hard drive space

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Create a RAM Disk in Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6, 10.7

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  • Create a RAM Disk in Mac OS X?

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