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How to Merge Tables in MS Word

Please Wait. Submit Your Reply. If you liked this tutorial, do look at this book, authored by Geetesh Bajaj and James Gordon. This book is the single most comprehensive content for Microsoft's latest Office suite offering for Mac users. Check the book on Amazon. Plagiarism will be detected by Copyscape. All rights reserved. Figure 1: Some tables need to have merged or split cells Notice that the header content, Weather in C and Weather in F both span two lines each whereas the data below does not really need that much space.

Figure 2: Merge and Split options for the table Using these two options you can merge and split table cells as required. To explore more about Merge and Split options, explore the sections below: Merge Table Cells Let us start with merging cells in a table: Select at least two or more table cells and access the Table Layout tab of the Ribbon as shown highlighted in red , within Figure 3. Now click the Merge button that you can see highlighted in blue within Figure 3.

Figure 3: Table cells selected for merging This will merge the selected table cells into a single cell. In Figure 4 you can see that the two cells selected earlier are now merged into a single cell highlighted in red. Figure 4: Selected table cells merged into a single cell Similarly you can select multiple rows and columns in a table and merge them into a single cell. Split Table Cells Unlike in Excel where you can only split cells that were previously merged, PowerPoint has no such limitations.

Follow these steps to split a selected cell into multiple rows and columns in a table: Select the table cell that you want to split -- in Figure 5 you can see that the last cell within the first row is selected highlighted in red. This can be done using the following code:.

Data validation is a powerful feature of Xlsx. It allows to specify an input filter on the data that can be inserted in a specific cell. This filter can be a range i. The following piece of code only allows an item picked from a list of data to be entered in cell B When using a data validation list like above, make sure you put the list between " and " and that you split the items with a comma ,.

It is important to remember that any string participating in an Excel formula is allowed to be maximum characters not bytes. Another benefit is that the item values themselves can contain the comma , character itself. If you want PhpSpreadsheet to perform an automatic width calculation, use the following code. PhpSpreadsheet will approximate the column with to the width of the widest column value.

Excel 2008 for Mac-Text to Columns

The measure for column width in PhpSpreadsheet does not correspond exactly to the measure you may be used to in Microsoft Office Excel. Column widths are difficult to deal with in Excel, and there are several measures for the column width. PhpSpreadsheet always operates with "3. Full width in character units" which is in fact the only value that is stored in any Excel file, hence the most reliable measure. Unfortunately, Microsoft Office Excel does not present you with this measure. Instead measures 1 and 2 are computed by the application when the file is opened and these values are presented in various dialogues and tool tips.

How to unmerge cells in Excel

The character width unit is the width of a 0 zero glyph in the workbooks default font. Therefore column widths measured in character units in two different workbooks can only be compared if they have the same default workbook font. If you have some Excel file and need to know the column widths in measure 3, you can read the Excel file with PhpSpreadsheet and echo the retrieved values.

To set a worksheet's column visibility, you can use the following code. The first line explicitly shows the column C, the second line hides column D. You can also collapse the column. Note that you should also set the column invisible, otherwise the collapse will not be visible in Excel You can instruct PhpSpreadsheet to add a summary to the right default , or to the left.

The following code adds the summary to the left:. The default value is To set a worksheet''s row visibility, you can use the following code. The following example hides row number Note that if you apply active filters using an AutoFilter, then this will override any rows that you hide or unhide manually within that AutoFilter range if you save the file. You can also collapse the row.

Note that you should also set the row invisible, otherwise the collapse will not be visible in Excel You can instruct PhpSpreadsheet to add a summary below the collapsible rows default , or above. The following code adds the summary above:. If you have a big piece of data you want to display in a worksheet, you can merge two or more cells together, to become one cell.

The following code inserts 2 new rows, right before row A drawing is always represented as a separate object, which can be added to a worksheet. To add the above drawing to the worksheet, use the following snippet of code.

How to Merge Cells in a Word Table

PhpSpreadsheet creates the link between the drawing and the worksheet:. You can also add images created using GD functions without needing to save them to disk first as In-Memory drawings.

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A commonly asked question is how to retrieve the images from a workbook that has been loaded, and save them as individual image files to disk. The following code extracts images from the current active worksheet, and writes each as a separate file.

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  • Here''s an example, which creates the following rich text string:. This invoice is payable within thirty days after the end of the month unless specified otherwise on the invoice. PhpSpreadsheet supports the definition of named ranges.

    Setting a spreadsheet's metadata

    These can be defined using the following code:. Optionally, a fourth parameter can be passed defining the named range local i. Named ranges are global by default. Sometimes, one really wants to output a file to a client''s browser, especially when creating spreadsheets on-the-fly. There are some easy steps that can be followed to do this:.

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    By default, temporary files are stored in the script's working directory. When there is no access, it falls back to the operating system's temporary files location. This may not be safe for unauthorized viewing!