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Lesson: White men have an eternal enemy — their women. Who have to be relentlessly kept in line, by social and charismatic means, more than anything else. Women who are White mens equals are nothing more and less than their enemy. Since they despise men who are equal to them and want only those superior and dominant around them.

People like Dean Van Nguyen need to shut the hell up, for lack of a better term. This is a really good argument against miscegenation. There are a few groups like the blacks brought to the U. But essentially every non-white person in Europe and every non-white person who arrived in the U. Almost everything that I enjoy in life was invented by a white person to include essentially everything powered by electricity, all forms of modern communication, transportation and entertainment.

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Thank you, Almighty God, for Western Civilization, the most dynamic, creative, inventive and productive civilization the world has ever known. Thank you, ancient Sumerians, for inventing the prototype of the phonetic alphabet; an extremely important development. Thank you, ancient Chinese, for inventing paper, porcelain, pasta, the magnetic compass and many other things. Thank you. Ah, Maggie Q. She or perhaps it was Jackie Chan is a marketing genius.

Sinn Fein campaigned for years to get Brits removed from Ireland. Yet they make no effort to rid the country of the Third World refuse being dumped on it. They even had an African run for them in Belfast. What a hypocritical shambles! Grabbing a serape and drinking away Cinco de Mayo as the Frito Bandito, for example. They have very deep insecurities — all work of devilish honkies — and need constant encouragement that their egos, hyperinflated by our crappy media, really are world-shaking engines of scientific potential and creative kickbuttitude.

It would be more healthy if colored folk stopped being so obsessed with white people. Maybe criticize the entire country regarding the horribly misguided notion of black supremacy. I love rebel songs, but lately they only remind me of how degenerate modern Ireland has become. Ireland is the only nation to ever legalize gay marriage by a popular vote.

In barely a generation the Irish have transformed from a people who were famous for being brave and pious to generic euro trash. Both peoples are giving away their countries to economic refugees as quickly as they can. That is truly the sign of an advanced mind. Anon, Excellent comment and your points are proven when you visited the link. I suggest he spend the rest of his life in black face so that he can experience the racism he claims exists in Ireland.

Piltdown, Damn, you are right. Hours later, I now regret succumbing to the tempting call of self-righteousness, but I do think I accurately described his false implicit premises. You are completely historically correct regarding the antipathy that Sinn Fein has against traditional style right-wing nationalism. As you correctly point out, physical intimidation accounts for the fact, as opposed to other European countries, that no virile anti-immigration movement has been permitted to arise in the Irish Republic. BTW I am always amazed by the wide-ranging erudition of these and other commentators on this web site!

I guess old traditions die hard — the IRA ambushed Blueshirts on their way to fight for Franco in the 30s, and supported people who murdered Catholics just for being Catholics.

And also because of the predilections that they have for homosexuality and pedophilia. The English always have and always will be a foreign pathogen rotting and corrupting the strength of the Irish people.

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Gaeilge is the pure language of Ireland. Catholicism is the only true Christian, not some filthy protestant heresy started by an uxocidal pagan king. The English will burn in hell for leaving the true faith, much less for their ancestral crimes against the Irish people. Ireland is for the pure Celtic, Irish people and only the Irish people. Americans would rather hire Irish bartenders and waitresses because Americans would rather look at pure Irish faces than white American mystery meat. Americans would rather listen to an Irish voice than their own harsh accents and dull conversation.

Ethnic interbreeding has physically deformed Americans into gormless and indistinct lumps even among those of some Irish descent. Just as interbreeding has damaged the DNA of Americans, it has robbed them of the culture of their ancestors. This is why they are split and divided, and have no true culture of their own. They listen to whatever black musicians their Jewish cultural arbiters tell them to listen to. Americans basically spent the 20th century battling various forms of socialism, defending the essential character of the nation.

As an American, I found it off-putting but certainly not rude , as the questioner usually wanted to brag on their ethnic pride as some mark of accomplishment or superiority or something. I never understood what the who-ha was all about—heritage was not something I had any direct control over…. No joke: We really are living in the Crazy Years…. The tragic mulatto is a stereotypical fictional character that appeared in American literature during the 19th and 20th centuries, from the s.

She just looks like a feminine Asian man to me, and there are maybe a billion of those. There is a notion that the global nonwhite norm is utopian equilibrium.

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In fact norm is tribalism, supported by instinctive conspiracy theory, itself borne out by the constant cutthroat competition of clan against clan. This forces the most innocent participant to plot and nepotize just to survive. They really are all together against tribe Y, because tribe Y is so arrayed against tribe X.

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Thus this baseless grousing is actually how normal earthlings talk. Only gullible, empathic whites look at this as a problem to permanently solve, especially when nobody else wants it solved. That said, There is nothing more disgusting than weak East Asians, who have been handed everything, who are sincerely beloved by white society, and who would not last four minutes in an African world, and who in Malaysia react to racist anti-Chinese pogroms by attempting to bribe the rioters who are happy to take their money and then kill them anyway , attacking the whites who are their natural friends and enabling nonwhites who want to watch them become immolated.

He does, however, play a vital role in the solution of the mystery. White privilege in Ireland. Which is maybe an interesting approach: complain about Islamic colonial attitudes towards Europe. It has the added advantage of being true. Productive people have stuff. White people are productive. To get their stuff you must attack them. To attack them you must hate them.

To hate them you must blame them. To blame them you must invent universal invisible racism. Only the Irish people have this right. And only they can grant the privilege to non-Irish — if they feel like it. It is batshit insane, but it tells us a great deal about the veracity of similar claims when they are made in other countries.

Has Big Media decided that legitimacy is too white? Too much like racism, white privilege? Because right now, they seem to be rounding up the last, straggling bits of their legitimacy and bayoneting them. Moloch , and being an American citizen abroad is certainly an inconvenience at best given the eagerness of our own government to punish us for having the audacity to live outside the U. Excellent piece of race-trolling journalism!

Dean should stick to what he knows best, reviewing video games, Black Culture and Bojack Horseman. From someone who is proud of their Irish heritage to some self loathing half breed, Pog Ma Thoin!

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But their children are getting on nicely. Having pride in yourself and who you are including your racial and ethnic heritage , in a like-minded society, is the cure. Of course, that leads to racial separation…. Because grifters like the author will always want more. All entirely natural. And since this obvious point is taboo, the desire to express it gets sublimated into nonsense like the article — the existence of which disproves its thesis.

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Much of what you write is interesting, and I feel myself open-minded to it. Because people in New York City are tribal beyond the comprehension of rural Americans, Southerners, flyover Americans, and some folks in the Northwest. They explain the constant stream of anti-White stories that Hollywood pushes out, and the anti-White orientation of academia. Basically these are factories of hatred rationalization.

Irish see themselves as the white People-of-Color because of the history of rule under British. They are the white blacks, white browns, white etc. Consider the whole U2 act. Brits imitated black music out of fun. Irish did it out of fun and moral inspiration.

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They see their national struggle as a kind of civil rights movement. This leftist tilt makes the Irish vulnerable to the reigning leftist ideology around the world, and of course, US leftism defines global leftism. Irish were once geographically colonized..