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You can read more about the security glitch here. However, at the point of writing this review, all security and syncing features have been restored and any known security issues have been rectified. Should you want to protect yourself from any potential issues, you can enable end-to-end encryption on a journal-by-journal basis. End-to-end encryption is not turned on by default for providing the best type of security for your journal entries, as users must maintain their encryption key at all times to unlock journals if necessary.

When using end-to-end encryption, it is essential you save your encryption key in a secure location. If you lose your key, you will not be able to decrypt the journal data stored in the Day One Cloud. We reached out to the Day One team to ask why end-to-end encryption is not turned on by default, and the team ensured us the decision is due to new or inexperienced users potentially losing their encryption key, and therefore, all their journals and entries. We recommend turning on end-to-end encryption whenever you create a new journal to ensure your data is always kept safe and secure.

Save your encryption key in an app like 1Password or a locked note inside Notes. It has a broad scope of fully legitimate use cases, such as:.

Food Log Template

Media log: Use Day One to rate and review your favorite movies, albums, books, etc. Daily debrief: I work at home and it can be hard to transition between work and home life. Sound album: For those who love to experience nature, or for musicians and sound engineers, the audio recording features open a new world of possibilities.

I especially imagine musicians hearing something new in a live song or some sort of jingle on the radio and now having the ability to record and collect those sounds in Day One. It can be hard to call it quits for the day when there are still things that could be done, so the daily debrief is my way of admitting that, yes, the day is done and, yes, there is still work to do, but there is always tomorrow. These mental debriefs are some of the things I most appreciate when scanning through old journal entries.

2. Project and To-Do List

It is amazing how many things felt so urgent and important to me at the time, and now when I look back I can be glad I never took action on some of those ideas. Or I can see what ideas and projects did materialize into something and compare my then-expectations to the current reality. Email log: For significant emails we send or receive that are important in our life.

I save all the email updates my wife sends out to our family regarding life and kids. Scan in pages from your Field Notes, Moleskines, etc. Capturing creative inspiration: As most Hemingway fans know, Ernest Hemingway was quite the notebook aficionado. He used his notebooks to jot down ideas for stories, but also to capture creative inspiration.

He stored sights, sounds, and smells away for future use when they would reemerge as vivid passages in his short stories and novels. On the Day One website there are a slew of uses listed , with information and examples.

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Thanks to tagging and searching, Day One can serve as all of these things at once. Day One used to be a paid application.

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The app has been around since the beginning of the Mac App Store and has seen significant development since then. We want our journaling app to be around for the long haul, and the subscription business model promises just that.

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Journey : Journey is a relatively new journaling app available for all Apple devices as well as Windows and Android devices. Journey actually looks a lot like Day One in its design aesthetic and provides many of the same features as Day One. However, we believe Day One is more polished and offers a wider range of features. Momento : Momento has been around for a very long time, like Day One. It has a great design and many of the same automated features in Day One, but Momento is currently not available for the Mac. We greatly prefer being able to journal from all our devices, so this is a bit of a heartbreaker for Momento.

The Food Log:

Dyrii : Dyrii is another newer journaling option for Mac , iPhone, and iPad , and one we think has a lot of potential. You can also record audio and video journal entries not currently available in Day One , putting Dyrii one step ahead of Day One. While its main function is taking notes, it has some great features built-in like word counts, easy sharing, and inline image and drawing support.

With excellent organization and search, word counts and goals for entries, inline image support and much, much more, Ulysses can be a great Day One replacement on top of being an awesome writing tool. We named it the best pro writing app for macOS and iOS , and we also developed a course for getting the most out of Ulysses.

Pen and paper: A good pen and a good notebook never did anybody any harm.

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  • The journaling category in the Mac and iOS App Stores is a little less crowded than other categories, but there are a few great contenders. You have to focus on that goal so you will not get sidetracked or easily demotivated. Aside from setting your weight loss goal, the Diet and Exercise Journal Template also allows you to log your daily food and exercise data, and watch the charts update to show your progress.


    The template can be modified to easily input all your information and it is linked to a live Dietary Analysis chart and an Exercise Analysis chart so you can monitor your progress at a glance. There are three tabs: Goals, Diet and Exercise.

    The Goal tab is where you set your weight loss and exercise goal. There are also Goal Loss, Day to Lose and Loss per Day boxes that automatically updates as you go along your diet and exercise plan. I like seeing the variety of meal pics and what others are eating.

    Uncovering Templates, the Hidden Gem of Evernote

    The app helps me face up to my own bad eating habits. I look at the week-in-review and say to myself, 'Wow, time to eat more veggies. Click here for more information about Corporate and Professional Solutions. Sign up for a MealLogger Pro account. Sign In Pro Login. Create a photo food journal Share with friends Connect with a pro.