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We are not liable for any loss of data or data duplication caused by improper configuration of Lightning Sync. As a best practice back up your data before attempting any sort of syncing. The following steps must be completed by your System Administrator.

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We recommend reading the following about Lightning Sync before continuing with the steps below. Some of you got in touch with us with additional questions. Q: What will be the mandatory requirements for client to integrate outlook to Salesforce? To setup any sort of syncing, access to a service account or Exchange admin credentials is necessary as part of the configuration process.

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Q: Can we integrate outlook to Salesforce without the ms exchange server stuffs? A: Without Exchange, you will not be able to use the Salesforce for outlook integration as this is a cloud integration. Q: I am curious about the version of Outlook. A : Salesforce inbox is a separate addition to Salesforce for Outlook. However, if you are using outlook or a not fully updated version of outlook you would have an issue with pinning.

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We have not enabled this option and are having problems connecting to Salesforce from Outlook A : Email to Salesforce allows users to log emails from the Salesforce Side Panel as an actual email rather than as a task in previous versions of the integration. If you are reading this post, you are looking for ways to improve your or your team productivity.

I have Outlook for Mac with Exchange Server Is there no option for connectivity with Salesforce??? James Kacerguis Lightning sync for Outlook used to work with bi directional sync in salesforce classic before the latest realase. Now, there is no provided solution to sync events with outlook for mac.

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It's very frustrating as it worked fine with classic and functionality was removed for no reason. Now, we're scrambling to find a solution that will let our classic users running macs sync events. Damien Joly Jim, Without much more details, I can only imagine that your org may have been running the grandfathered beta feature that allowed the sync of non-recurring events bidirectionally with Classic, which is getting deprecated in favor of newer technology that's gone GA now. I'd recommend that you log a case with Support to get that sorted out, maybe an admin in your org switched to the GA version.

James Kacerguis Damien, I think that's exactly right. I think the switch to GA version happened automatically with the new release. Still, there is no solution I'm aware of that works for outlook for Mac to sync events other than third party apps The Outlook plugin isn't available for me, and I cannot install the Lightning add-in because my organisation does not allow access to the Outlook store. I can only add add-ins via URL or from a file. Kim Miller This is incredibly frustrating.

I'm not connected to the company server - I just need to be able to have lightning for outlook so I can update my SFDC records. I don't want to go through the browser.

I shouldn't have to. I pay for my license - this should not be this difficult for Mac users to have the same basic capabilities PC users.

Lloyd Hunt It is horribly frustrating that Salesforce continues to ignore that many of their users use Apple products. The ap used on phone and tablet works to some degree.

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But to not be able to integrate bi-directional email in outlook is inexcusable. To be forced to use Google is inexcusable. Ready to get started?

Why Doesn’t Salesforce for Outlook Work on a Mac?

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