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Ola, consegui uma imagem. Pode me orientar??? Depois de realizar esses procedimentos, reinicie normalmente o computador. Se o problema for resolvido, siga em frente. Tipo dual boot. Tem sim, seria via Dual Boot mesmo. Mas tente instalar para ver. O mac que eu baixei era justamente pra isso, ainda no nome ta [Intel-AMD] vou baixar e tentar com outro mesmo, obrigado pela resposta. Ate mais. Olha cara tenta mudar o processador para intel core duo e a placa de video nao ira aguentar os graficos da apple vai ficar cheia de erros fica mais fassil voce mudar o computador e colocar 6.

Mas tente. Vou contribuir com os colegas que querem o HMBT.

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Aqui segue o link do megaupload. Queria saber se posivel instalr o sistema operacional Mac no meu notebook acer aspire z Podem me ajudar? Da uma ajuda? Ai use o Google ou outro buscador. Ou pergunte aqui. Me contata por e-mail q eu te explico estou com o mac os lion aki no meu com um dual boot com o windows 7.

Experimenta colocar o dvd com o OS direto no driver de dvd e pedir para ele dar um boot direto no dvd, sem colocar o hmbt antes. Espero ter ajudado. Mas o intuito entre todos deve ser compartilhar. Windows does not see or hides from you etc. Combine this all-revealing functionality with far better read and recovery mechanisms, scanning for lost files functionality, workarounds for a wide range of drive and software bugs, limitations or shortcomings and you have an enormously powerful data recovery tool.

IsoBuster is must-have-software for every PC user and is deliberately kept low priced to be able to offer a solution for everybody.

IsoBuster is easy to use and thoroughly tested. IsoBuster kann dies alles! IsoBuster, ein professionelles und dennoch einfach bedienbares Tool zur. Datenrettung von Speichermedien. Windows nicht sieht oder die es versteckt, usw. Kaufen Sie IsoBuster! IsoBuster peut tout faire! Windows ne voit pas ou vous cache, etc. Acheter IsoBuster!


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IsoBuster inmediatamente le presenta todas las pistas, sesiones y particiones existentes en el disco, combinado con todos los Sistemas de Archivos presentes. De esta forma, usted tiene acceso, de la misma manera que el explorador, a todas las carpetas y archivos de cada Sistema de Archivo. Acceda a los datos de las antiguas sesiones, acceda a los datos que su Sistema Operativo p. Windows no puede ver o que le esconde, etc.

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IsoBuster consente tutto questo. Un unico strumento in grado di supportare dischi di ogni formato ad un unico prezzo conveniente. IsoBuster mostra immediatamente tutte le tracce e le sessioni memorizzate sul disco, in combinazione ai file system presenti sul supporto. Acquista IsoBuster. Red belangrijke informatie, documenten, uw dierbare foto's, memorabele video fragmenten, IsoBuster kan het allemaal! IsoBuster is een zeer gespecialiseerd doch goedkoop data recuperatie programma.

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Het ondersteunt alle mogelijke optische en magnetische bestandsformaten. IsoBuster laat u onmiddellijk alle tracks, sessies of partities zien die zich op het media bevinden, alsook alle bestandsystemen die aanwezig zijn. Zo krijgt u makkelijk toegang, net zoals Windows verkenner, tot alle bestanden en folders per bestandssysteem.

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In plaats van gelimiteerd te zijn tot een bestandssysteem dat het OS voor u kiest heeft u nu toegang tot alle data op het medium. Ook toegang tot oudere sessies of verborgen partities, die Windows niet laat zien, enz. Kombineer deze alles verhullende functionaliteit met veel betere recuperatie methodes, zoeken naar vermiste bestanden, het omzeilen van bestaande drive en software problemen, limitaties en tekortkomingen en u heeft een enorm krachtig data reddings werktuig.

IsoBuster is software dat op elk systeem zou geinstalleerd moeten zijn, de prijs wordt zo laag mogelijk gehouden om een oplossing te kunnen bieden aan eenieder die er nood aan heeft.

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One tool, supporting all formats, for only one very democratic price. And the list continues. All device access , media access, data gathering and interpretation is done exclusively by the software. It does not rely on Windows to provide or interpret the data and so can work completely independent from Windows' limitations. Better error handling and several retry-mechanisms to aid you in getting the data anyway. Explore the alternatives.

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CDs stay 'readable' after problems such as Buffer Under-run, All sessions , including older ones, are accessible and can be recovered. Scanning for lost UDF files and folders. More on UDF recovery.

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Scanning for files based on their file-signature. Scanning for lost, deleted and orphaned FAT files and folders. Support for Direct CD compressed files. Decompression on the fly. Support for Microsoft's Live File system. Auto find extensions based on file content to try and give an appropriate name to an orphaned file. This built in file identifier assigns the proper extension to the file so that Windows applications can open the file.

Only needed for orphaned files without a name. Auto detection and automatic remapping which can be switched off or forced at all times. Built in Method 3 remapper. Auto detection and automatic remapping which can be switched of or forced at all times. Built in Method 2 remapper.

Supports multiple Mac Partitions on one medium e.