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I also like how you can have a tear-off "Today" column for to-dos and upcoming events.

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The threaded conversation view is really nice — but it isn't fool proof. It groups together all items sharing the same subject.

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The problem is that sometimes it confuses itself with the same subjects from different threads. It would be nice if this could be more granulized. Outlook is fast, though I'm not sure it's as fast as Apple Mail with the same accounts setup. It also has support for Exchange Server and accounts worked without a hitch, even over a VPN. Plus, Microsoft has fixed the way Time Machine backups and Spotlight indexing works, meaning that you don't have to worry about backups taking six times longer like you did with previous versions of Entourage.

Microsoft Word for Mac was a solid offering. The improvements to Word are less visible than the inclusion of Outlook, but they are noticeable. There are now more templates and document types available, and many of the features from Microsoft Publisher are added directly to Word You can now use the Word co-authoring tool that was introduced in Office for Windows.

Microsoft has also improved its Automator support for creating Automator Workflows in Word and other Office products. Perhaps the best feature, though, is the new distraction-free writing mode, which long-form writers may enjoy. We're just going to come right out with this: Keynote is better.

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Having said that, the professional world runs on Powerpoint, and there are some promising additions in PowerPoint For instance, the ability to collaborate and access files from various locations is a huge win — especially if you are a SharePoint user. This also makes it easy to broadcast presentations online. Apple has toyed with some of these features in iWork '09, but it hasn't taken it as far as Microsoft with Office We would love to see some iOS options for PowerPoint, because the ability to control a presentation from an iPhone or iPad and make edits on the go has become a key feature for Keynote.

Microsoft already has the cloud computing aspect with SkyDrive, so it wouldn't be a stretch to release an app. Excel removed some of the macro support for files created in Excel for Windows, specifically those created with Visual Basic. Visual Basic support is back for Excel and there are new features that work across platforms. There are also new tools for managing tables and conditional formatting.

Like Word, Excel is just more polished than its already shiny offering. The first time you run an Office program, it might take a few seconds to launch, though subsequent program launches get faster. Every time you logout or restart your computer, the process starts over, but launching remained quick. For us, it was a big improvement over Office As we said, Outlook did seem a bit slower than Apple Mail, but it wasn't slow and we didn't have any crashes.

Call me crazy, I like the Ribbon. I think Microsoft nailed the concept in Office It managed to take the best elements from the Windows version but still keep the Mac functionality that makes a Mac a Mac.

Microsoft Office for Mac is not only a great Mac release, it's a great Office release. It seems that finally as much care has gone into creating Office for Mac as goes into Office for Windows. Despite the move to the cloud, many of us still use an office suite to do much of our work. Office for Mac is a great way to get more done on your Mac. We're using cookies to improve your experience. If you notice issues as you are using the latest VBE , please let us know by clicking the smiley-face feedback button near the top-right of the Excel window.

Good news. I find it immensely difficult, nay impossible, to use on a Mac still.

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Like an old friend who can't remember anything. So maybe second solution which I also use - when I need to maintain some older VBA code, I just switch on Windows with Office license - it's just double boot on Mac, so when I need to work with Excel, Im working on windows but on a Mac hardware. Surprisingly it works very well:. In terms of ease of use and user interface I really liked Numbers, but with tables running in multiple thousands of records with formulas and links, it just stops there Even though I hate it.

I am a PC guy, but work has forced me onto a Mac. I really do need to switch to google sheets. I like the look and feel of excel along with other aspects that excel gives me that sheets doesn't. Otherwise I would switch. Free is a lot better than Office's cost. Philip, Craig, ok, leaving this side thread - since We can't force Microsoft to bring back full functionality of VBA Editor, maybe its time for changes?

As a mac user Yes, I am using a Mac What are You thinking about this? Craig, I completely agree. Though this is interesting trivia, it needs to end. These comments will NOT help this discussion. But if Microsoft sell expensive licenses of Office to users claiming it's a similar or even same product, they are grossly neglecting a large number of paying customers. That is what this whole thread is about Philip, You're bringing history like it still have matter - NO!

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So if not Microsoft there wouldn't be Mac on this planet Sad is Your comment Try to use MAC sofware on Windows? Doesn-t work? So why You whining about using Microsoft software on Mac Unbelievable that you cannot change the font size in the editor whenever you want. If you have a hi-res screen, which many of us now do, you are forced to a stupidly small maximum font size - it just ignores any attempt to change it in the settings. How can Microsoft make a mess of such basic things? I despair. FWIW - never get a screen more than HD resolution - Microsoft's inability to do basic things right means you will regret it every day you use your computer.

Basically, can I call the function outside a VBA sub? Functions require input usually no issue and output the problem. I would like to get output into a spreadsheet.

I just purchased Office , hoping that there would be enhanced compatibility with the Windows version. But instead This is a big problem for me. If Microsoft is incapable of delivering basic functionality here and it is , so they've had time they should fess up and suggest a work-around. For example, give those of us who just purchased Office a free copy of Office for Windows to use while we're waiting for a Mac version that works. Or, our money back. Allow me to be specific. In Excel Sure seems like a core feature to me. That is pretty frustrating :.