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Download Descent 2 b13 0. Free Download for Mac. User reviews about Descent 2 Review. Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country.

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We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. Don't leave without your download! Descent 2 Fast action sci-fi shooter. Download and installation help. Alternative apps. Your review for Descent 2 -. Author Fricitional Games.

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Watch Dogs 2. Ok We use our own and third-party cookies for advertising, session, analytic, and social network purposes. Any action other than blocking them or the express request of the service associated to the cookie in question, involves providing your consent to their use. Check our Privacy Policy. A big hug. Even more. Have you guys considered a pledge drive or anything? Perhaps one like kickstarter.

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You could reward people who pledge. You never know, there may be some quite wealthy person out there who loves you game and would be happy to drop 5, just to have his name in the credits or something. About pledge: use flattr. I think there was something about an editor. Was the amnesia editor dropped? You could use kickstarter for an amnesia editor, although the target audience most likely is small. Anonymous Who replied to me :P I guess you're right, but sometimes it's not the same for other people.

I've grown a lot in this time, mentally-speaking, and started playing other games I didn't understand Planescape:Torment was one of those but I still can't stand horror games. And some people never can do that. I really hope that in the future I can start playing these games, that would be great, as you did. But sometimes people never stand horror films, or books, or other kinds of them. Like, let's say, philosophical treatises. Anyway, if in the future I start to fancy horror games, there'll be another purchase, don't doubt it :P. Scott McTony That was such a great idea.

Frictional talked about that in the a week after post, saying that they were proud that some reviews said that the game was too scary. I really think that if they can do a game so emotionally-engaging, and so frightening that people can't play it because of their personality It's a great achievement. One that only literature or cinema has achieved to become an art. Now it's time to start talking about what everyone it's closing his mouth. Games are art, and Amnesia is just a step forward on that matter :P.

Comparing Amnesia to Minecraft is a fool's game and you're only going to make yourselves depressed. Minecraft has gushing testimonies from across the internet, including directly from Valve, is a cheaper game, with far more gameplay "value" due to the procedural content and creative expression, and most importantly has been available for a year, not just a month. Piracy has nothing to do with it. Maybe an expansion of Amnesia was a good idea. I mean expansions are always easier and faster to be done and could give a nice boost to your income. BTW did you think of selling your games via Ubuntu's software center?

Just wanted to let you know that I purchased the pre-sale game on steam I'm glad it's numbers are working for you and you'll be making other games in the future.

I loved the game, and really enjoyed the throwback to horror without weapons. Couple of quick posts regarding piracy and minecraft in your post 1 Minecraft is a much more open world, it's like the sims but for guys, lets us build whatever we want and then see how it runs, and it's simple enough that everyone can get into it. Minecraft, while only slightly cheaper is cheaper. Games under 10 bucks is a totally unique pricepoint, in that many people will buy them just on the 'chance' they're going to turn out good, which in a game like Minecraft is virtually assured judging by it's online following.

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Personally I've got a couple dozen steam indie games that were dollars, since at that price I'll buy anything to give it an hour's try At dollars, you hit a point where there are a lot of games around there, and people are not going to be just throwing it in the steam basket to test it out, but giving it a bit extra thought. I watched a few reviews and saw a movie before I decided to buy the game, but the last thing I always do before I purchase a game in store, online, steam, whatever is to check its DRM.

Any limited activations, online required, starforce, ect. I'd rather not play a great game than play a great game with DRM too many bad experiences, and too many DRM free great games to choose from , and I, like most geeks these days can afford to support any game that deserves it. I haven't bought or played Amnesia because it looks scary as shit : , but the videos do make it look very interesting :. As one person said: "Man, this is some dumb logic.

Minecraft was linked by Valve, is a cheaper game, and one with more replay value due to the creative expression aspect, while on the other hand Amnesia is a game so effective that with its demo it actually discourages some sales because it is "too scary". Minecraft's also been for sale for a year instead of a month.

You're basically comparing a niche game to Gary's Mod. You wont outsell Minecraft, simply from the kind of game that it is. And I preordered your game, but when the game was leaked I downloaded it because I didn't want to wait for it to come out. I feel kind of bad that I preordered it instead of bought it for full price, simply because that's 10 extra dollars you could have invested to make Amnesia 2 or something :.

Take your time and do it right, that's how Blizzard does it! I bought two copies of Amnesia, one for myself and one for a friend, and Halloween's going to scare me shitless this year! There are many reasons why Minecraft has sold ten times the amount of copies that Amnesia has sold.

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  • For one thing, Minecraft has been out for much longer. Also, Minecraft allows players to be creative and build amazing set pieces which can be then showcased on youtube, reddit and other popular sites. People then pass those videos on to their friends and word of mouth spreads.

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    I think the genre plays a large part too. The fact that it is a horror game plays far more of a role than the lack of multiplayer in comparison to minecraft's happy happy fun time success I think. I don't think the interest in pooping your pants is as widespread as simple creation, perhaps unfortunately! Seeing how this is the best horror game on the market, a marketing push for Halloween would likely be well received. I am so happy for you guys!

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    While I personally thought you guys would have sold more than 36, copies by now, I think between the continued good press and possible future discounts, this game will move well north of , copies and you guys will be able to live life a little more comfortably. Keep it up! I still have issues playing alone at night! Truly, you have mastered the art of survival horror games.

    Keep up the good work! I'm sure that having a demo out before release helped boost sales - that's what sold me on purchasing. I bought the game at full price solely because a linux client was released. Just to touch on Pirating. Do you realize that you can just download Minecraft from their site and crack it by simply moving the folder to another place after install?

    So I dont think Minecraft fares so much better because its not pirated. Amnesia is awesome game. But it speaks to very limited audience. So please lets stop worry about pirating. Its collateral damage every developer has to count with. The controls have to be redesigned, but still It has to be less than developing a whole new game to make use of these, potentially more lucrative platforms. Very interesting to read.

    I purchased this game based on reviews although the genre is way outside anything I'd normally consider buying. Hearing the sales numbers is surprising to me. I would have expected a much higher number based on the positive reviews found everywhere. But again, since this game is in the category it is maybe it shouldn't be surprising. Great blog article, thanks for it. However, comparing Minecraft to Amnesia is a terrible idea.

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    • The horror market has always been crap and that is because a majority of people do not want to be scared.