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Quit the application to return to regular Terminal operations. Find the application name. If Terminal displays the error message "Unable to find application named It may take a couple minutes to load the list.

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Understand absolute file paths. If Terminal displays "the file An easy way to avoid mistakes is to drag and drop the file from Finder directly into your Terminal command line after typing "open," but before hitting Enter. This will enter the absolute file path, which will always point to that file. It describes the file path in relation to the root directory usually "Macintosh HD". Understands relative file paths.

The start of your Terminal command line always displays the current directory you are located in. By default, this is your Home directory, named after your username. A relative file path begins with. The file you are trying to open must be within this directory, not at a higher level. Find your current directory in Finder. Open a series of folder until you reach the file you'd like to open. You may start with. Switch directories.

Remember, the file you are trying to open must be inside your current directory, but you may use any application to open it regardless of location. Find the correct file name. Your file name must include the extension at the end of its name.

If the extension is hidden, use any of these methods to find it: Select the file in Finder. Or switch directories to the folder that contains the file. You can also use this command to override the default application for a file type. Just type in the file path followed by -a and the application name. If you're not sure how to enter file paths, see the Troubleshooting section below.

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For example, you can open a. Include additional options. Enter info open to see a full list of options for modifying the open command. Add -F to open a "fresh" copy of the application. This will destroy your unsaved changes, but may help if a document is causing the application to crash when opened: open -F -a TextEdit. Open multiple instances of the same application with -n.

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This may be useful if you are comparing different access levels, or if the application only allows one window. For example, enter this command repeatedly to open multiple instances of an alarm clock program: open -n -a "Wake Up Time" Note: this is not a default OS X program. This may cause unexpected behavior in other applications that interact with the duplicate application. Run an application inside Terminal. Instead of just opening an application normally, Terminal can host it.

This is useful for debugging, as error messages and other console outputs will appear in that Terminal window.

Command Line Tips

Here's how to do this: [1] Locate the application in Finder. Right-click the application and select "Show Package Contents. Drag that file onto your blank Terminal command line.

Hit Enter to launch that program. Leave your Terminal window open while you use the application. Quit the application to return to regular Terminal operations. Find the application name. If Terminal displays the error message "Unable to find application named If you want to edit a new file in vim, then you need to be in insert mode. Insert mode, which allows you to use Vim like a regular text editor — you press keys, and the corresponding characters will show up on the screen. Data Tip: Before saving a file in vim, it is a good idea to check your current working directory, as that is where the new file will be saved.

To do that after you are in the command mode press : , type pwd. To open an existing file, type vim followed by the name of the file. For example:. You can define any text editor that is installed on your computer, as the default text editor. A few that are often uses include:. We like Atom because:. To change your default text editor, you can use git config if git is installed on your computer already. If it is not installed, the commands below will not work.

How do I edit files on the command line?

If you are interested in learning more about the features of these text editors, check out these guides: Atom , Sublime , or Vim. This lesson teaches you how to wrangle data e. Lessons 1. Setup the Earth Analytics Python 2.