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AppleTalk is considered the teenager of network protocols with its constant "chatter" about every little print job, file transfer, or power cycling of a Macintosh. But with the iMac, G3, and G4 showing a resurgence in business environments, many network administrators are getting requests from Macintosh users who need access to non-Macintosh networks.

Prosoft Engineering has released NetWare Client 5. NetWare Client 5. In addition, users can easily install NetWare Client 5. Prosoft Engineering offers two solutions for connecting Macintoshes to the network. The client software enables Macintosh users to use NetWare print services. You must install NetWare for Macintosh 3.

Using the client software, users can also set print options such as notify when done, print banner, hold in queue, assume standard fonts, and select a form number. The client software does not affect the ability of Macintoshes to natively print to printers that are advertised by the AppleTalk protocol.

Using the client software, users can log in to the network via the NetWare Client Tree menu. See Figure 1. This menu appears as a tree icon on the right side of the menu bar at the top of the screen. If a user is not logged in to the network, the tree icon in the menu bar appears leafless. When a user logs in to the network, the tree "grows" leaves, giving users a visual reference of the availability of network services. Figure 1: NetWare Client 5. When users log in to the network, the clint software searches the cache for the requested NDS tree or context.

Of course, users must have rights to the requested NDS tree or context to access it. Users can check the status of their network connections by choosing the Connections option from the NetWare Client Tree menu.

Users can use this option to get information about their NDS context, to change their password, to log out of a specific volume, or to terminate all connections. Users can also log out of a volume by dragging the Volume icon to the trash. In addition, the client software enables users to easily locate servers, volumes, printers, and print queues on the network via the Apple Chooser. See Figure 2. After users find the NDS objects they need, they can save these objects, or an alias that points to these objects, on the desktop or in a folder so that they can quickly access these objects later.

Figure 2: With NetWare Client 5.

Prosoft Engineering Netware Client version : Security vulnerabilities

One difference I noticed when I installed the client software is how connections appear when a volume is mounted via the Apple Chooser and when a volume is mounted via the NetWare Client Tree menu: When a volume is mounted via the Apple Chooser, the connection information includes the volume, the server, and the zone in which the server is located. When a volume is mounted using the NetWare Client Tree menu, the connection information includes the actual volume name and the complete distinguished name of the volume.

NLM on the server. The client software enables users to set some advanced parameters for MacIPX. EPSON Copy Utility is an application that enables you to use your scanner and printer together to function like a copy machine. It can print a scanned image in just a single step, so you do not need to use additional applications for your scanner or printer.

Like a copy machine, this utility provides both color and monochrome copying, enlarged and reduced copying, and image adjustment functions. Please select from one of our commercial partners. We use cookies on our website.

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