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Mac: How-to Clear your Downloads Folder

The Downloads folder exists in the Dock of Mac OS by default, so unless it has been removed it will be there for all users to have quick access to by accessing the Dock at the bottom of the Mac screen. It will be located on the right side of the Dock near the Trash can.

How to Restore Missing Downloads Folder to Dock on Mac

The Finder menu bar also provides quick access to the Mac Downloads folder. Another method of accessing the Downloads folder is from the Finder window sidebar. You can either use Finder search or Spotlight to look for files. Finder Search must be accessed from a file system window in the Finder. If you click on a file result in the Finder Find feature, the path to the file will be visible in the Finder windows status bar. Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!

Enter your email address below:. Why must we open the DL folder in the finder first? Is it too much to ask to have the functionality directly from the DL folder? Is there any way of accessing the Mac HD in Finder quickly? Never knew you could do this, and I find it very handy, so thanks for the tip ;-. I seldom download, but when I do I want it to show up on the Desktop as a reminder that I have something new to contend with. I would prefer to never use the download folder, I have no intuition to go to it.

How do I avoid it and have everything go to desktop. It varies per application.

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So how to do it depends on the app you are downloading the files from, what do you usually use to download? My download folder disappeared during an update. See if the Downloads folder appears on screen, it should. I am guessing it is probably just hidden.

Downloads Folder Missing from Dock on Mac: How to Restore It

Have you provided an outline of what happens when you download an app onto the iMac. As an example, lets say you download a word processing package. To install it, you click on the file…and then what? In Windows, you can go to the download folder after the install and delete the downloaded file ie: an exe.

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What about with Apple? Thank you. There is no installer to remove, it is included in the App Store cleanup. You can delete the installer after it has finished if you want to. Hi Steve, this is a post about the user Downloads folder, and accessing files you have downloaded. It has nothing to do with ipfw or firewalls. This is the most asked question. Whenever some new person shifts from Windows to Mac in my circle, I get a call to guide them where they can find downloaded stuff.

And how they can install an app by just placing it in Applications folder. Most entry users, find the downloads dock file handy but will in time accidentally delete it.

The only app that downloads files directly to the Desktop in my case is Thunderbird. All the others put downloaded files in the Download folder. I often temporarily change my download folder when downloading many files that go in a specific folder. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

If you double-click a file in the list, it opens or runs. You can also click a button to open the folder on your computer where the file was downloaded.

How to use Safari’s download manager in iOS 13

In the example pictured here, a downloaded file is shown in the Firefox downloads window called the "Library". For additional information about finding downloaded files in your operating system , continue reading the sections below.

go to site The Internet browser you use when downloading a file can determine where the file is saved. Most browsers save a file to a Downloads folder in your User profile folder on your computer. After the shortcut key combination is pressed, a downloads tab or window shown below will appear. In the Internet browser options or settings, you can find where your download files are saved. You can then change that download location or leave it as it is. To access your downloads outside the browser, press the Windows key , type Downloads , and then press Enter. In some cases, when you download a file, you may be presented with a pop-up dialog box asking if you want to Save the file or Run the file.

If you select the Save option you can specify where to save the file including the desktop , Documents folder , or any other location. You can also find your Downloads folder in any File Explorer window. Or, as pictured below, you can click the File Explorer icon on your Taskbar.

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In your File Explorer window, you can navigate to your Downloads folder using the shortcut in the left pane or by clicking on Downloads under other headings such as Frequent Folders. Create a shortcut to your downloads folder to quickly get access to it from the desktop. Then, click Downloads the left pane. You can also access your downloads using the link on the Dock. In the lower right side of the dock, click Downloads.

Your most recent downloads will spring out of the dock.

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  • Android phones and tablets include an app called Files or My Files , depending on the brand. The app displays all files on the device, including those which have been downloaded, listed in chronological order. The Files or My Files app is found in the app drawer. Open the app and tap the Downloads option to view downloaded files on your phone or tablet. If you don't like the default file manager app, another option is to download and install the Files by Google app, available in the Google Play store. The app helps you organize all files on your Android phone and tablet, and gives you easy access to downloaded files.