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I wish there were someway to get someone at Apple to respond to this. Can anyone help me? This is making me seriously regret updating to Sierra Sep 23, PM. Same problem on a Mac mini, with MB internal system spinning disk and external 1TB time machine spinning disk. Unmounting the external disk stopped the mds frenzy, so probably the internal disk wasn't suffering, at least.

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It had been going on for over a day. Either an explanation or a fix is needed. Oct 20, AM. Oct 27, AM.

How to fix: The volume can't be ejected because it's currently in use

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User profile for user: leroydouglas leroydouglas. But if your Mac remains inactive and you are connected to a power network, Spotlight will use all the available resources needed to create the database.

How to Fix mds_stores Consuming High CPU Usage on Mac – Mac OS Blog

If these processes never finish work and constantly use your processor and memory several days after the start of indexing, there is a chance that your index is damaged. Fortunately, you can fix this by restoring the Spotlight index.

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  • Since these processes are caused by Spotlight, you need to pacify them do not be afraid, this is not for too long time. Your entire Spotlight index will be erase and rebuild. Once this process is complete, mds and mdworker should stop using your resources.

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    My goal is to share insightful reviews, guides, and manuals for people looking to know more about current solutions for Apple hardware and OS. And now, I want to share my experience with you. Applications that used to pop up now leave you sitting there, watching a spinning beach ball rotate as it takes thirty or more seconds to load. This leaves the user asking "What's going on??? When this process becomes active, it can use nearly all your CPU power, put a heavy load on the drives, and hog so many resources it leaves other applications waiting The mds process is used primarily by Spotlight and Time Machine, but a few other consumer apps can also use it.

    When mds goes into full indexing mode, it starts indexing everything it's allowed to on every drive, and in the case of Time Machine, it can't be stopped by normal user commands.

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    Spotlight and Time Machine use the mds process, to index different things. If a user attempts to control Spotlight indexing alone, they may very well find that the problems still persist for what seem to be inexplicable reasons. The end result is exactly as we described in the first paragraph.