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Remove Word's Pesky Horizontal Line

To remove a paragraph border, place the insertion point in the paragraph above the border and proceed as follows:. Note, however, that this will also remove any other direct paragraph formatting as well as the border, so you may prefer one of the following version-specific procedures. Alternatively, click the arrow beside the Borders button on the Formatting or Tables and Borders toolbar and click the No Border button in the flyout palette.

Word and On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, the bottom right button is for borders.

Creating a 2" Footnote Continuation Separator Line in Word 2011

Word and above: On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click beside the Borders button to open the menu and select No Border. This can result when you have previously pressed Enter several times trying to get rid of the line. Every time you press Enter , you create a new paragraph formatted the same as the previous one, which has acquired a Bottom Border.

You may wonder how you got this line in the first place.

If you are a writer who customarily separates text with a row of three asterisks, you will perhaps have encountered this phenomenon. If your mysterious line appears in the header or footer area, it may be a paragraph border applied to the header or footer text, but it may also be a partial page border. You would probably recognize a page border if it appeared in the margins on all four sides of the page, but it can be confusing when it appears on just one side and of course this could be the left or right as well as the top or bottom.

To remove it:. Click on the preset picture for None , then OK. In Word and above , the Horizontal Line feature has been removed from the Borders and Page Border dialogs but is still present in the Borders dropdown in the Paragraph group on the Home tab. This feature doesn't offer clip art—just plain lines—but if you right-click on one and select Format Horizontal Line , you get a dialog in which you can select the color, weight, length, and position left, center, or right of the line.

How to Add Dividers in Microsoft Word Quickly?

Like the lines described above, it can be selected and deleted, but an empty paragraph will remain. Although this article is primarily intended to discuss horizontal lines, it may be appropriate also to deal with some common sources of vertical lines. As noted above, a page border can be applied to any one or a combination of the four sides of the page.

A line in the left or right margin that extends beyond the top and bottom margins, but not all the way to the top and bottom of the page, is probably a partial page border. See the page border section above for instructions. As noted above, drawing lines are usually easy to select and delete, but if your document has a line, extending from top to bottom of the page, in the side usually left margin of every page, then it is most likely a graphic line anchored to the header.

This is a technique commonly used to add a rule to legal pleadings. To remove this line, access the header by double-clicking in the header area, and then you will be able to select and delete the line. You can change the view of the document to hide these lines or get rid of them altogether by accepting the changes. Bar tabs are an ancient legacy feature of Word so rarely used that most users would not recognize them. When you set a bar tab, you get a thin vertical line at the tab stop position in each line of a paragraph.

They can be a quick way of creating the appearance of columns without using a table; the illustration below shows the use of bar tabs with paragraph borders to create a grid for a printed attendance register. To remove these tabs, you can drag them off the ruler or delete them from the Tabs dialog. In Word and earlier , this area is grey, but in Word and above it is the same color as the page, separated from the page by a vertical line.

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Even though your document may contain markup only on certain pages, the markup area will be displayed on all pages and will be completely blank on some of them, which can be puzzling if you're not familiar with it for example, if you receive a document from someone else that opens in All Markup view. When this is set to a value more than zero, a narrow column is displayed at the left of the page separated from the page by a vertical line in which the style for each paragraph is displayed.

Apparently these dotted lines to the left of paragraphs indicate text that has been edited since the last save. Saving makes them go away, but of course they will return as soon as you start editing again.


How to Insert an Artistic or Decorative Horizontal Line in Word 2010

In Word and earlier, you may see a dotted line indicating the margin of the page. In Word and earlier, this will be associated with angle marks at the corners, as shown below. By default, text boundaries indicate the page margins, but they also show the outline of a text box even when it is not selected and the cell boundaries in a table when table gridlines are not displayed.

In Word and above, text boundaries and crop marks are toggled independently. Word and earlier: On the Tools menu, click Options Word Go to File Options and select the Advanced tab. Although text boundaries and crop marks are toggled in the same way in Word and above , the display of text boundaries is quite different and is more likely to cause confusion and considerable consternation even for users who habitually display text boundaries.

In these versions, the boundaries surround every unit of text, which for practical purposes means every paragraph, as shown below:. Not only are the extra lines intrusive, users also lose the display of page margins on a page that is only partially filled. Since this line appears only in Normal Word and earlier or Draft Word and above view, most users today will never see it, but that also means that, when they do see it, they may not recognize it for what it is. It's a short, thick line that appears below the last paragraph of text and indicates the end of the document.

Needless to say, it does not print. At Scribbr, we are committed to protecting your personal information. Both the original and edited versions of your document are saved on our secure server for 12 months. After this period, the files are automatically deleted.

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However, you can manually delete your files at any time via your user profile. Tip: If you still have concerns about confidential information in your document, you can take additional measures to anonymize this data. We advise you to do the following:. As a policy, we do not sign NDAs. Every NDA is complex and unique, and our legal team does not have the capacity to review each individual contract we receive. However, we take extensive measures to protect the confidentiality of your documents.

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