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Any idea why my client times out on all servers when my dedi is running? Port and are forwarded and my firewall is completely off. I don't know what is causing this but you should definitely not turn your firewall off. Vaporeon Posts : 20 Reputation : 1 Join date : Vaporeon wrote: I don't know what is causing this but you should definitely not turn your firewall off.

Halo: Combat Evolved

I can easily answer the cause of the problem, had this experienced years ago. The problem is both client and dedicated server are using the same default ports for hosting AND client yes, the dedicated server does use client port. Also, if want to run both client and dedicated server on same machine and only preferred run your client to play any single player maps or need to change your settings.

You can do that without conflicting the dedicated server. For others do not understand this, I will make it more briefly understanding.

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Spoiler: You need to add the -port hosting and -cport client parameters in your Halo application's shortcut properties, yes that means your Halo dedicated server too! RadWolfie Posts : 3 Reputation : 0 Join date : Sponsored content. Halo: Spartan Strike. Halo 5: Forge. Halo Wars: Definitive Edition. Halo Recruit. Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

Halo Infinite. Install the latest patch to play without the CD. Add -novideo parameter [ citation needed ] See Command line arguments. Add the -novideo parameter. See Widescreen resolution.

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See Field of view FOV. See Anisotropic filtering AF. Mac version has builtin MSAA. Some elements run at 30 FPS. See High frame rate. Use Chimera [4] Install 1. For custom resolutions, see Command line parameters.

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Install Chimera latest alpha build. Use command line arguments [5] Start the game with the -vidmode w,h,r command line argument. Alternatively you can create a batch file. Create an empty text file and rename it to RunCustom. Example: haloce.

Start the game and press F7 while playing. Start the game and press F6 while playing. Move the mouse to adjust the FOV and press F6 to set it. Use haloThirdFov. Extract haloThirdFov.

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Make sure the game executable file is named haloce. If it isn't rename it accordingly. Run haloThirdFov. Recommended FOV is 86 degrees for aspect ratio, and 80 degrees for Click on Edit, then Add. Enable Do not notify on task switch. Type in the window size and position or enable Desktop for borderless fullscreen windowed. Click on the Input tab and enable Unacquire input devices on focus lost. Use Chimera [4] Install Chimera latest alpha build. From the features list, find Anisotropic filtering and on the settings choose 16x. Use command line arguments [7] Start the game with the -use21 command line argument.

See Mouse acceleration. Menus can not be navigated with a controller with out third-party tools.


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You cannot bind two actions to a single button with out third-party tools. Disable mouse acceleration [4] Install Chimera latest alpha build. Set horizontal and vertical mouse sensitivities [4] Install Chimera latest alpha build. Notes Values less than 1 do not work properly if mouse acceleration is enabled.

Up to 7.

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Needs a fix for modern systems; see DirectSound 3D restoration software.