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I understand the set up and it worked oK. Is there a way to have from there mac address as the master and to have it updating yahoo and google and any other account? I am positive the account and password are right. Can somebody help? I did remember to do this before.. Few re-loads of the app later, found this page via Google. I have a new problem that has cropped up recently.

All the other information syncs correctly.

It looks like a little set of arrows making a circle. Just like to add a bit of my learning to the knowledge pool. I was being driven demented because every time I Synced I was creating duplicates but not of all my contacts. Now the next time I synced address book would see this as a new contact and the time after that google would see the two of them, hence two copies on gmail and mac address book. I Really wanted to post this somewhere because I get so much online help.

But please lads get an ios ipad app together because the x2 iphone app looks rubbish :.

Sync google apps (gmail) contacts directory with Mac address book - Ask Different

Thanks so much iGnome for your insight. That explains why, after importing in Google agenda my entry Mac Address book, the immediate Mac Sync warned that it would add new entries on my Mac!

Apple has absolutely no respect for legacy users. Preventing Snow Leopard users from migrating to iCloud is a shame. Moving to Lion without Rosetta is a nono for me. Thanks again very much for sharing your experience. Once every months, I delete me gmail contacts and then I import my mac contacts again. Thank you, thankyouverymuch! To BigJimT and everybody else. His suggestion with hte fake user name and password at the Mobile me worked just fine. If you cannot sync just right click on the isync, open Mobile me pref.

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It can be any stupid combination of letters and numbers. Then hit the sync now and it will sync. I run Snow Leopard Everything worked great when syncing my google contacts over to my mac address book. It will sync groups like you were asking for. All hail Scott.

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I had to redo to the Address sync after I changed Mac from a The gconsync no longer works for me sth that I had to do to get the sync rolling on My Mac address book would not sync to Google although I had followed all steps. Finally, I saw a post that said just put in random letters for username and password in the MobileMe login window.

It worked! I ran that and it worked. The sketch is attractive, your authored subject matter stylish. Is there a way to set the priority to your mac book address book when ongoing sync takes place. I make changes in address book only to have them overridden during the sync processes by the old data on the google database.

Wow- the info is great here! I just got an Android phone and that I had sorted out all the details to get my mac info ready to go.

Part 1. How to Export iPhone Contacts to Gmail

But the contact info was confusing! But then nothing happened when I went to iSync! Clicked iSync in the toolbar again and Voila! Contacts showed up in google account! Now I can get back to business!! Thanks for the insight folks! In a separate thread somebody posted a command to activate the sync via the Terminal. Give this a try, it worked for me. Open the Terminal in Utility folder or via Spotlight , type:. Hi all, anyone know if this is supported on OSX Server?

Syncing Google Contacts in Mac OS X

We want to have our server sync with Google apps and then server the contacts to multiple clients. Thanks, Matt. I have the same problem with syncing google contacts to address book as well. However, what is strange is that it worked when I used another google account! When I switched back to my original account, it failed to sync again. HI I am using I have the exact same problems, which occurred after upgrade to Snow Leopard.

Part 1: Fixes to iPhone Not Syncing to iCloud

I have synced with Google without a mobileme account for almost a year. I cannot shut off google sync with my Mac. I do NOT have the boxed checked in imail preferences to sync with Google or anything else. I even deleted ALL my contacts out of google, and yet I still get an alert every single hour that google is trying to sync. Any suggestions? Hi, nice post! By the way guys, this is the lifehacker approach. Google sync currently only appears on Thank you for that!

You need some other sync service. In my case I enabled sync with Yahoo. Now it syncs correctly with both Yahoo and Google, at least the the initial sync. I tried this fix — allowing yahoo to sync — and now google syncs as well. Will tackle the Groups issue another day. I am using OS There are options to select Mobileme, Yahoo and Exchange, but nothing for Google. No problem setting up and syncing with iCal. This is using To the left of the clock icon. It looks like two arrows wrapped around in a circle. Thanks a million! I tried above steps and about only one quarter of my contacts on Mac Address Book went through to Gmail account out of … I am using Macbook Pro with Snow Leopard Anyone experienced same?

Any suggestion to address this? I have address book syncing with gmail contacts just fine After the above process is done correctly, all new changes to your iPhone address book will be synced to your Gmail. It is a very common solution to backup iPhone contacts to Google. Keep in mind, that this method requires a steady Wi-Fi or Internet connection. Similarly as above, on iPhone, navigate to "Settings", then enter name and then tap "iCloud" to enable "Contacts" with the help of the toggle switch. Now, on your computer, launch any browser, and go to iCloud.

Now, navigate and sign in to Google Contacts. It is a well-known app and its popularity is mainly because of its backup and syncing features which covers any type of data from contacts, music, photos, videos to playlists, books etc. It comes with certain limitations in terms of usability but it is a suitable option nonetheless. Follow the steps carefully to use it:. Make sure you use the latest version.

Now, provide the Gmail account credentials. If you want to see the contacts, you will have to open Gmail and then go to "Contacts" and everything will be there. If you wondering how to export contacts from iPhone and sync to Gmail without any hassles, then we highly recommend you to go for Tenorshare iCareFone.

It is a great utility tool that can manage any type of files including iPhone contacts. As for contacts, it has some unique functions as well such as remove and merge duplicated contacts. Secondly, you will be able to selectively choose contacts and the export it whenever you want and last but not the least, it supports both Windows and Mac.

How to add Google contacts on MacBook (with Subtitles)