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You'll see the beats 1, 2, 3 at the top of the screen. Let's say you love every verse that Juicy J does in every song, but the rest of the song is terrible. You only want to hear Juicy J's part. With GarageBand, you can split and cut Juicy J's verse from one song and then combine another one of Juicy J's verse from another song.

If you don't have Juicy J songs downloaded, it's ok. As long as you learn how to split portions of songs you'll get the idea.

Note: you'll see the GarageBand cursor moving as the music plays. This will allow you to move the GarageBand cursor around to every and any second of the song. The song will now split at that point see pic 2.


You'll now notice that you have two distinct portions of the song. One is highlighted and one is not. Let's move on to the next step. Now that there's one portion of a song in the project, let's add a portion of a different song into the project. Let's now add another track to show how you can put multiple tracks into one song.

GarageBand: How to fade out

Refer back to Step 2 to open your media browser, then refer to Step 3 to drag a new song onto the screen where it says "Drag Apple Loops Here. Once you figure out how to use the program, you can think of similar-sounding songs and use those to create cool mixes. It should look similar to the first picture above. Simply select and pull it in the direction you want to move it. They call this a "mashup. We just saw how to overlap 2 songs, now let's move portions of songs directly after each other. We learned how to cut tracks, move tracks, etc. Now let's put those skills together to create a mix of different songs.

Move the bottom track to the right so as the first track ends the second track will immediately begin playing see pic. Now, when you hit play, you will notice that as the first song ends the second song will immediately begin playing. This is how you would cut multiple verses from multiple songs and move them all next to each other to create a mega-mix of your favorite rap verses, if you wanted too. Once your song is complete, you can send it to iTunes or send it to a CD.

Either way, it's simple. Let's send this song to your iTunes. If you try to send your song to a playlist that doesn't exist on your iTunes, an error message may appear. Everyone should have a Recently Added playlist, so that is the most reliable to use. Question 4 weeks ago on Step 2. I found one of my songs I sang using the background of other song, how to delete the extra space after the music ends?

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Moreover, the sound is too weak, how can I improve to have better quality? You can always save new presets, with names like Podcast Vocals Quiet or even ones tied to particular people, like Podcast Vocals-Jason. Our next plug-in is Channel EQ, which may also already be present.

Set this to dB. Finally, a lot of GarageBand presets turn on reverb. To do this click on the Library icon at the far left of the main GarageBand toolbar and click the Save button at the bottom of the screen. Give this preset a good name, like Podcast Voice. If you select another track in your GarageBand project, and then click on that preset, all of the plug-in settings we just created will be applied automatically. If this is all too complicated, you can download the Podcast.

When next you open GarageBand, it should appear for you. To do this, click the Master button and make sure the Output button in the center area is selected. I recommend turning on the Compressor plug-in and setting Compressor Threshold to I recommend saving an AIFF file and then using a different tool, like iTunes, to compress your podcast as a 64kbps mono file.

Support this Site Become a Six Colors member and get access to an exclusive weekly podcast, community, newsletter and more. There are many solutions out there that can help you record audio from computer Mac offers a bunch of tricks to accomplish that.

This is where a few common alternatives come in handy, we will discuss those below. Using your Mac computer to record audio files is very easy because it likely comes with a built-in analog and a digital converter. The analog microphone can be plugged into the Mac line-in port. Using an external microphone is the best way to record voice on Mac computer as the quality will be superior to built-in mics which are best suited for low quality applications such as quick voice or video calls. To help you accomplish recording from your Mac computer, follow these steps:.

There are quite a few apps out there which can help to record audio on your Mac, some are better than others, below we will offer a few popular suggestions.

These apps can be obtained for free, there are also some commercial options available. You will also note that we include GarageBand below as a third-party solution. Here are some popular free choices that explain how to record audio on Mac. Many of these apps can also be used to record audio from computer Mac:.

GarageBand for Mac: Connect a microphone

Audacity — Audacity is a good app for recording sounds and it has an editing option so you can edit your Mac voice record. Audacity is open-source and entirely free to use. Audacity is quite a bit more powerful than QuickTime and it can record longer files with ease, the included editing, trimming and conversion tools are far superior. Additional plugins can be downloaded for Audacity which extend its functionality. This app has a lot of features that you will love such as a full library of sounds built-in, an audio synthesizer is also included.

The sample sounds include drummers, percussionists, instruments and other useful presets that go well with guitar and voice. GarageBand is available on the App Store if you do not find it pre-installed on your Mac. It is a simple application where you can make one-click recordings using the built-in microphone.

The main attraction to iScream is its limited set of highly targeted features. The apps that were mentioned above are good for recording music or Mac voice record. You likely have recorded a large variety of media files like music, live events, maybe even audio from YouTube or other sources. Now we ask, what happens if you accidentally delete something? Disk Drill is here to save the day or better yet, prevent the stress!